Digital Noise: Ep 100: The Legend of Snakehat


The gang is (almost) all here this week as Chris, Brian, Richard, Johnny and Joe all get together for an epic 100th episode with movie reviews and LOTS of answers for your fan questions. Tune in and celebrate with us…and of course enter for your chance to win our giveaway this week, “While We’re Young” on blu-ray!

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Also, check out this awesome fan art by Daniel (scaredycrow) in honor of our milestone…



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30 thoughts on “Digital Noise: Ep 100: The Legend of Snakehat”

  1. I only seen one Hitchcock movie and it was Marnie. It started good but in the end it was just bad.

  2. I had the same problem Richard had with the 39 steps, and I also had it with Saboteur. I thought they were both full of weird non-sequiturs that can mostly be chalked down to Hitchcock being goofy.

  3. El Pollo Guerrera

    I’ve played Red Dragon Inn a few times… it’s fun, but I find you are at a disadvantage unless you are playing a character who is a gambler. Gamblers get money a lot faster than the others. The same company also released a card game that is the same card game the gamblers are playing… that one is a lot of fun.

  4. Great episode, congratulations on making it to 100!

    That is an awesome bit of fan art too, there really should be more of that made.

  5. Jean-François Martel

    I wish Continuum, which is ending this summer with a 6 episodes fourth season, could have gotten 100 episodes. Apparently the creator, Simon Barry had a 10 seasons plan and i’d have liked for each season (except season 1) to have maybe 15 to 20 episodes because seasons 2 and 3 had SO MUCH going on.

    1. Oh DRAG! i love Continuum! And Kiera was just starting to get it, you know? I am glad someone else out there loves it! One of my favorite shows!

  6. I’m drinking a 2 liter growler of craft beer from a local brewery to honor the 100th episode.

  7. Oh lord have mercy, what a wonderful time this episode was. Thanks for all your hard work, guys, and onto the next 100!

    That said… 😉

    Chris I gotta say I’m 200% with Joe on The Gunman. Sean Penn wants to have his White Man’s NGO Burden and eat it too (or rather, not eat it, as it would mess up his super-ripped abs). His is the worst type of neo-colonial racism: the do-gooder aid worker who asserts his love for his native charges while he digs them wells, but ultimately uses them for his own needs. Those needs are not natural resources or labour like in the good old days, but to reinforce his own moral superiority. One sees it all the time in the global aid worker community. Penn’s portrait of a self-important Bwana is reprehensible because it is not a critique or parody, but rather hagiography (one assumes this is exactly how he behaves when he flies his private jet down to his Haitian aid plantation).

    Let’s leave aside the boring and/or poorly done parts–although these are considerable. The pacing of the action-y parts was deathly slow. The plot was alternatively rudimentary and ludicrous: “Could the nefarious global security firm which hired me to kill brown people possibly be trying to…KILL ME?” The main issue I have with The Gunman is that it is a love letter that Penn is writing to himself. Or rather, it is a self-righteous, selfie porno: Sean surfs, shoots and smokes around fawning, adoring natives (or ‘indigs’, as he refers to them in the movie) to show off how badass, brawny AND compassionate he is. It would be a bad movie at any rate, but the moral cynicism in which it is steeped makes it evil.

    1. He acts that way in the US, too! My big Ick factor with him, aside from just thinking he was an asshole who beat up Madonna, not an interesting actor, and just kind of full of himself, was when his classic El Camino was stolen off a street in LA. He had a loaded pistol in the glove compartment, The car was later found, and of course the gun was missing. aSo Mister Humanitarian contributed one more loaded handgun to the streets of LA because he thought he would be a bad ass and keep a gun in his car. He’s a douche. The wrong Penn died.

      1. Dude, harsh! That said, yeah, probably. I forgot about the Madonna Years. I wonder what makes a misogynist rageball like that even bother with humanitarianism. Who does he think he is fooling, apart from himself?

        1. Either he is fooling a LOT of people, or I just have a whole different set of criteria for what makes for a good performance and a decent human being.

            1. Correct me if I’m wrong here but wasn’t Penn *THE* most butt hurt actor about Team America: World Police?

  8. Sadly I can inform that “MLP” refers to My Little Pony. The 100th episode wasn’t too long ago and fans loved the hell out of it.

  9. I was not a fan of the “huge crowd of people commenting on the titles this week” thing. The show would have been much shorter, much more compact with less instances where you have to turn down the volume of your computer because everyone is shouting over each other trying to make jokes if it had been just two or three people. I don’t feel like we got any kind of special bonus by having everyone on-board at once. If we have to get more shows like this one, please limit them to just one or two a year so that when it gets too chaotic I can turn it off/fast forward through and pick out what I want to hear.

  10. I think Brian was right when he says Richard misremember what he watches: Its been about…wow, about 25 years since I’ve seen Gremlins 2 on VHS and I can clearly remember that when the film breaks it was like the VCR ate the VHS tape, only for the Gremlins to appear: It wasn’t Hulk Hogan who appeared in the VHS version, it was John Wayne who comes in, gets into a shootout with three Gremlins, then gets them to start the movie up where it left off. I even checked at a site called (which does release comparisons of movies, i.e. Star Wars from VHS to DVD to Blu-Ray) and verified the differences. More than likely, Leonard Maltin was in both versions of the movie. Was going to ask Richard if he knew more about my home of El Paso than the person who’s lived in El Paso for just over 33 years (aside from vacations), but like I said before “Making a LOT of assumptions there.”

  11. great show guys and congrats on the 100 eps. small tip of the hat to terry gillian though i just saw twelve monkeys and i thought that was another sound mix that wasn’t horrible. though i do agree he can be quite egregious with that.

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