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Digital Noise: Ep 100: The Legend of Snakehat

The gang is (almost) all here this week as Chris, Brian, Richard, Johnny and Joe all get together for an epic 100th episode with movie reviews and LOTS of answers for your fan questions. Tune in and celebrate with us…and of course enter for your chance to win our giveaway this week, “While We’re Young” on blu-ray!

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Fisher King Bluray Review  If There Be Thorns DVD Review  Danny Collins Bluray Review
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I Am Knievel Bluray Review  Kumiko Treasure Hunter Bluray Review   Last Knights Bluray Review

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Gunman Bluray Review  Hard To Be A God Bluray Review   Valerie and Her Week of Wonders Bluray Review

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The Forger Bluray Review   While Were Young Bluray Giveaway Image

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Also, check out this awesome fan art by Daniel (scaredycrow) in honor of our milestone…



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