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World of UScast: Dystopian Present: Ep 8: The Revolution will be a Lobster Roll

Hey kids! Do you love sticking it to The Man in his own backyard? Did you dig the feminist re-imagining of Mad Max: Fury RoadHave you let that Firefly reboot dream die? Are you underwhelmed by the BBC’s adaption of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell? A big fan of Chinese films which knock off The Silence of the Lambs and Jimmies on your soft serve ice cream? Then this June 4th Memorial Edition of Dystopian Present is for you. And The People. But mostly for you. Homework Assignment: our China Cinema Triangle will next review Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grand Master, so extra-check it before our next show.



grandmaster  grace king  three body

long ships  twelve tomorrows  new sun



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