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Somebody Likes It: Ep 41: Beastie Boys – Check Your Head

And now, the end is near.
And so we face the final curtain…

Well we did it. It was daunting at times. It was a (TINY) mountain we climbed, aided by little else but Ryan’s beef jerky supplies and Mark’s generous supply of and generous gift of various whiskies. We set out to achieve a goal and we did it. WE…DID…IT. All the naysayers accusing us of laziness (me) can just go bite a pillow, cause we did it. We finished our 3 week long exploration of albums we hadn’t discussed before that were produced by bands we had. It was pretty damn monumental in the scheme of things.

This week we listened to Check Your Head by the Beastie Boys, and this time there was barely even any discussion about how they were yelling at Ryan…

Up next is the very timely EXTRA SUPER AMAZING LARGE BIG-TIME MEMORIAL DAY MIXTAPE SHOW. Next time we do a holiday mixtape show maybe we’ll get our asses in gear in time to record said show close enough to post it even remotely close to said holiday.

Let’s rock out in 7…



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