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Movie B.S. Episode 266 ‘Inside Out’

0:00-2:00 – Hello, let’s not waste any time
2:00-17:45 – Inside Out review
17:45-29:25 – Dope review
29:25-35:50 – The Overnight review
35:50-40:10 – Balls Out review (Snider only)
40:10-57:40 – QOTW (the times you strongly disagreed with us about a movie)
57:40-1:06:40 – Summer Box Office Challenge update – it’s heating up!
1:06:40-1:12:25 – Hey, What’d You Watch? (Weird Science, F for Fake, and a debate over who looks better in a cape, Snider or Orson Welles)
1:12:25-1:14:40 – Wrap-up and goodbye

QOTW: Have you ever dreamt about a movie? Tell us your best or worst movie dream.

Inside Out B+ 8/10 (B.S.-approved!)
Dope B- 7/10
The Overnight B 8/10
Balls Out B- n/a


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