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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Overnight

Imagine, you’ve just moved with your significant other and young child from Seattle to Los Angeles, don’t really know anyone and don’t always have the easiest time making friends. You’re approached in the local children’s park by the father of another kid your kid seems to be getting along with, who is strangely charming and offputting at the same time, suggesting you and your partner come over for a playdate for the kids, and get-to-know-the-neighbors date for dinner. No problem, right?

Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling are all too pleased to get to meet Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche who are a very wealthy and friendly duo. But as the night goes on, it seems these Californians might have something else on their mind. Something a mite bit more sex oriented than our Washingtonians planned on.

Thus is the premise for The Overnight, a festival hit from the Duplass brothers that surprised Ashley, Michael, Chris and Joe with how funny and realistic it was. Check out their review…


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