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Highly Suspect Reviews: Me & Earl and the Dying Girl

Well, dontcha just know this is gonna be a laugh riot from that title, right? And yet, MAEATDG (to be displayed this way from now on) is actually going for the yuks, the thinks, and all the feels.

Thomas Mann plays Greg, a high school kid too scared of being judged or hurt to make any real friendships in his life outside of being passingly friendly acquaintances with about everybody. Except for Earl, his childhood friend with whom he has filmed hundreds of pun-based classic film satires, his conversational daily content is sum-uppable in twitter lengths. But then, a girl from his school (Olivia Cooke) is diagnosed with leukemia and his mother orders him to go and spend time with her. Despite themselves, a friendship forms and Greg’s life changes…but will yours?

Chris, Beau and Jenny put their heads together on this one…


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