Digital Noise: Episode 99: Too Many Week Picks


Richard is back for this penultimate to 100 episode of Digital Noise and he and Chris just can’t quite make up their mind which of the tremendous titles they have to review this week would make it to the top of the list. Would it be Spirited Away? Or The Strain? Perhaps The Wrecking Crew? Or The Lazarus Effect…ok, just kidding about that last one.

Regardless, we’ve got a big stack of ‘don’t miss’ titles to talk about this week, viewer mail to answer, and one hell of a great giveaway. CHECK IT OUT!

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Der Samurai Bluray Review   The Strain Season One Bluray Review   Lazarus Effect Bluray Review

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Wrecking Crew Bluray Review   Chappie Bluray Review   Welcome To Me Bluray Review

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Spirited Away Bluray Review   The Cat Returns Bluray Review

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7 thoughts on “Digital Noise: Episode 99: Too Many Week Picks”

  1. Oh Fuck, Death Watch, I read that book back in Middle School, and I hated it so much. Even more so the ending.

  2. You're Not My Supervisor

    Porco Rosso is on Blu Ray. I’m surprised you guys weren’t sent it or princess mononoke.

  3. Forgive me for putting my hat into the arena but OMG I am NOT a Neil Blomkamp fan. So far he has thrown out disappointment after disappointment of films that have pretty special effects but lack structure in storytelling. To me he is william gibson if he got lazy with his writing. I still think District 9 is overrated, I thought elysium was district 9; only they use real Mexicans instead of aliens with the same ‘beat you over the head’ messages and chappie is pretty much to me Robo-JarJar Binks. I hate to be that guy but I have to speak for those who do genuinely feel that he’s a fanboy filmmaker that got lucky. I apologize for what I have to say about him but I gave this guy three out of three and just not impressed with his three films. If anything I think he’d be better off adapting other peoples stories, like a novel and using his special effects team to do the rest. But for original material? No.

  4. Actually there are four Asterix movies (each done by different director/producer and has a bit different take on it… it’s a bit like difference between Burton/Sumacher/Nolan Batmans, but they all has mr. Gérard Depardieu as Obelix).

    I can only speak for Polish dubb version’s but…

    The first one is interesting as a first attempt of European big comic book movie and has few amusing sequences (plus the cast is great!!! Especially Roberto Benigni as the villain) but as a whole the script is all over the place and the humor for most part isn’t very strong (mainly jokes that will entertain kids, not much for adults). One thing that rubs me the wrong way is that they taken an love-subplot from the book, which in the comics was played for comedy and in the film they tried to played it seriously/sad – it just doesn’t work! It’s not a good movie but I have a lot of nostalgia for it and it’s hard to me to come down to harsh on it and still enjoy watching some parts.

    The second one (MISSION CLEOPATRA) however is a VERY GOOD and fun movie!!!!!! It’s set in ancient Egypt and visually it looks fantastic, the comedy is great (with few pop-culture jokes that may be old now but where clever at the time) and it’s sticks very close to the actually comic. And you don’t have to see first one to get it. BIG RECOMMENDATION!

    The third one… sucks. At the time it came out it was like Europe most expensive movie and sadly all this money went to special and visual effects while the script is just bad. They actually ignored pretty fun story from the book to replace it with a very generic plot, almost all the jokes are “meh” and the movie just drags. Also there is WAY to much focus on the villain (played by Benoit Poelvoorde) who annoying.

    The forth one is a mix bag. For most part it’s genuinely funny and in spirit of the books but once a while there will be a joke that not only is painfully bad it’s just out-of place for the series. Of all the things they got right, character of Asterix is… well, off character in this one. As an Asterix adaptation, I think it’s Ok, I just have some issues with it as a fan.

    I also like to take opportunity to give big RECOMMENDATION for the latest animated Asterix movie ” Asterix: The Mansion of the Gods” (which was Europe most expensive CGI production) Not only it looks great but the script is down right hilarious, perfectly mixing slapstick which much more adult satire. If you have chance – SEE IT! Probably biggest recommendation of all the movies above!

    And just look on the animation :


  5. My apologies guys for that horrible tenth question. I don’t know if I was drunk at the time or whatever but yeah, that one was awwwwk-waaard.

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