Digital Noise Episode 98: You Can Dig It


This week, Brian and Johnny Neill dress to the nines to review a small, but powerful batch of titles. Seriously, this is like the Joe Pesci of lineups.

They discuss one of Brian’s favorite movies of the year (The Kingsman), one of the most generic time travel flicks in recent memory (Project Almanac), and an entire quartet of badass blaxploitation flicks hitting Blu-ray for the very first time!

Capping off this bite-sized, mighty-powerful repertoire is the very funny horror comedy Zombeavers…which forever proves that no one should turn their backs on ANY small furry animal! It’s also our dam solid giveaway!


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Project Almanac Bluray Review   Kingsman Bluray Review   Hammer Bluray Review

Empty Space

Friday Foster Bluray Review   Foxy Brown Bluray Review   Coffy Bluray Review

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Gett Bluray Review   SheDevil Bluray Review   Zombeavers DVD Review

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594 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 98: You Can Dig It”

  1. El Pollo Guerrera

    1) Picked up “Kingsman” on Sunday, watched it that night. It was all right.

    Well… “all right” is a bit of an understatement. It’s more like incredible roller coaster ride that flies off the rails and smashes through the a circus tent and you walk away from it. Highest recommendation.

    2) William Smith: I remember him as the HERO in the movie “Invasion of the Bee Girls”, a good-guy Indian medicine man from the TV series “Kolchak the Night Stalker”, and Conan’s father in the original “Conan the Barbarian”!

    3) Sonofabitch, synchronicity is damn scary… I actually watched “Coffy” with friends last week!

    1. Synchronicity shouldn’t be scary! Think of it as a campfire we all share. Good call on William Smith! Forgot about being Conan’s father! That is very symbolic casting.

  2. It’s funny, I’m just about to go to lunch while listening to this episode and I see the news that Shout Factory is going to release Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight AND Bordello of Blood in their collector’s edition Blu-Rays. What I wouldn’t give to have seen Brian’s face when that news came out.

  3. I watched Kingsmen this afternoon and had an absolute blast with it. One of the rare films that keeps getting better and better as the story progresses, extremely clever and perfectly captured. Great show guys!

  4. Hey Digital Noisemakers! I am on Twitter now! I am @johnny_neill. I haven’t quite figured out what it is for, but I am on it. Hashtag LOL! Pound Sign: Who IS this Old Guy?

  5. Brian caught me off guard with the question about Blaxploitation soundtracks. I don’t have any of them anymore. I went through a culling of stuff a few years ago and everything that was available online somehow, I parted with. But in thinking about it,I have to say, my favorite soundtracks that I used to have, my foremost favorite: Super Fly. Curtis Mayfield was without peer. And the movie is still great. I love a good foot chase! Second Place: Coffy. Third Foxy Brown. Fourth: Shaft In Africa. Fifth: Shaft’s Big Score. Sixth: Shaft (that is my rating of SHAFT movies, too, they got better as they went along. Seventh: Black Caesar. Eighth: Trouble Man. That’s all I can think of right now. May add an addendum when I remember others I had.

  6. This is the only cartoon I have ever had published. A few years after I drew it, I made friends with Martin Thomas and he redid the lettering on it and colored it really beautifully and it was published in the Austin American Statesman when they were doing alternative comics on Thursdays. This is the original, ray, pen, brush and ink from a jar version. I drew it all in one sitting, no pencils first or anything. I used a mirror, some photos, a Bootsy Collins album and my imagination. It’s basically my psychological profile at 32 in nine panels. It might take twelve panels now.

  7. Great episode fellas but you forgot to mention one of the best soundtracks, Super Fly by Curtis Mayfield. Every song on that soundtrack is a classic, Give me your love, Freddies dead…………

    1. DEFINITELY! I mentioned it below in a list I made of my Fave 8. I blanked on some more, but I would add Together Brothers by Barry White. Never saw the movie, but it has a great, long, synth-bluesy track with someone whistling over the music. It’s just fantastic. And this one is Blaxploitation Indebted, but it isn’t necessarily Blaxploitation, even though it stars “Freddy” from Superbly: That’s The Way Of The World, Harvey Keitel plays a record producer, Buck Masterson, who discover Earth Wind and Fire playing at a roller skating rink, and the label wants them to sign a contract that will give them the rights to use their songs as they please, and the person they want to sing them is Burt Parks! Google him he was the Miss America host for years. It’s like PG Blaxploitation.

        1. Not intentionally, but it sure changes the charge of the exchange if I did. So, let’s say I did. “But what “If” someone monkeyed around with the wrong McDowell?…” YEEE-aaaaaahhhhh!

  8. It’s interesting that Johnny Neill called Colin Firth’s character in Kingsman an “uncle figure” because in the comic he actually is Eggsy’s uncle. In fact, he’s the first example of a poor kid becoming a Kingsman. He was that young guy from the wrong side of the tracks who got the fuck out of dodge without looking back and is annoyed whenever he has to come back home to bail Eggsy out of trouble.

  9. Really glad Brian enjoyed Kingsman as much as (it would seem) everybody else did.

    It’s actually pretty crazy but there’s a whole ready to wear line of Kingsmen suiting (not the stuff the actors are wearing which is a Savile Row based tailor called Huntsman *geddit*) that was designed and made in collaboration with the film.

    Really hope Colin Firth considers doing a few more flicks as the esteemed upper middle class gentleman spy caricature, he looked like he was having fun. Avengers reboot anyway?

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