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Somebody Likes It: Ep 38- Kyle Kinane: “Whiskey Icarus”

Kevin keeps getting ideas. This week, he suggested that in honor of The Moontower Comedy Festival, an event here in Austin that draws comedians from all over, we listen to (then discuss) another comedy album. Some of you may remember that when Kevin wrapped up his paternity leave a few months ago, for his comeback record he chose a Dimitri Martin record, which while fun, was a little challenging to discuss.

This time around he picked Whiskey Icarus by Kyle Kinane and we had REAL LIFE COMEDIAN(and friend of Kyle’s) JT Habersaat on the show to help us out. That proved to be a great idea and I think you guys will agree.

For A Few Minutes With I chose the R&B classic Everyready Man (“just call me 24 hour Dan”) from Lakeside, and then Ryan had us watch a video in which a cute high woman wanders around in search of an Egg Mcmuffin which pretty much sums up the video for Stoned and Starving by Parquet Courts.

All right then. What’s up next? Oh yeah, the next 3 weeks we are gonna re-visit bands we’ve talked about before, each one of us picking a different album to discuss. Next time it’ll be Painful by Yo La Tengo (that’s a Spanish word, that’s why it sounds weird). Catch you later,



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