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SMARK COUNTRY: Surrounding Yourself with the Right Talent?

Welcome back to Smark Country and today’s topic is one that many a wrestling fan holds close to their hearts; some crazy behind the scenes shenanigans that’ll change the creative dynamic of the WWE for a bit. Jeff & Karen Jarrett met several days ago, during Preston City Wrestling, to discuss plans for the upcoming inaugural television tapings of their Global Force Wrestling promotion. This was not much in the way of news, but when they were joined by Eric Bischoff, many in the wrestling world took notice. Some of us did so with great trepidation.

Apparently, they did confirm that Bischoff would be working with GFW. It hasn’t been made clear as to what capacity he will be associated with the company, but Eric’s very presence will lead to controversy. And as the title of his autobiography so eloquently put it, controversy creates cash. However, two other ideas of Bischoff’s created quite a bit of controversy and cash. This resulted in the New World Order gimmick in WCW and he & Hogan becoming an integral part of creative in TNA. Both of these concepts were stretched out for so much longer than they should have and left both WCW &  TNA in a financial bind in the end. July 24th is just around the corner and we all shall know for sure if involving Bischoff so early in Global Force Wrestling’s existence is smart money or a ticking bomb waiting to go off and take the promotion with it.

What are your thoughts on Eric Bischoff’s involvement in GFW?


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