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Movie B.S. Ep 260: ‘Hot Pursuit,’ ‘The D Train,’ ‘Roar,’ ‘Welcome to Me’

0:00-4:30 – Some chit-chat about cars and mechanics
4:30-22:00 – Hot Pursuit review
22:00-27:55 – The D Train review
27:55-36:10 – Roar review
36:10-41:30 – Welcome to Me review (Bayer only)
41:30-57:35 – QOTW (lady versions of male movies)
57:35-1:02:05 – What’d You Watch? (Lost River, Bound, Re-Animator)
1:02:05-1:03:45 – Summer Box Office Challenge update
1:03:45-1:04:50 – Recap, goodbye

QOTW: In honor of Mad Max: Fury Road, what movie (at least 20 years old) should be remade by its same director?

Hot Pursuit D+ 2/10
The D Train C 9/10
Welcome to Me n/a 7/10


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