Five and Out 098: Animated Shows


Listener submitted! This week Wes and Steve discuss migraines, Avengers 2 (Spoilers 19:14 – 37:03), and discuss our Top 5 Animated shows! Enjoy!

What are your Top 5 Animated Shows? Let us know! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!


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741 thoughts on “Five and Out 098: Animated Shows”

  1. Top 5 animated shows are:
    #5. Adventure Time
    #4. The Simpsons
    #3. South Park
    #2. Archer
    #1. Batman-The Animated Series

  2. My TOP 5 shows are :

    #5 Avatar The Last Air Airbender – Well, duh!! ­čśë It’s as epic and addictive as animated show can get, If I’ll ever have a daughter I’ll shall named her Toph and I wish somebody would just replace world “bitch” in the dictionary with “Azula” already. It’s ultimate example of a character I hate and find fascinating at the same time (I find Legend of Korra just ok, but to be fair creators did answer my pray of having Toph and bit-the-shit out of Korra… )

    #4 Top Cat – Of all the Hanna-Barbera shows I probably appreciate this one the most. Yes, the animation is as simple as it gets but the voice actors and writers manage to give the characters such great personalities you forget about. Especially all the dialog between T.C. and Officer Dibble are just pure gold and T.C.’s plans are so fun to watch whenever the gang are realizing them. It also has this great urban atmosphere to it. “The Flinstone” get the credit for being first prime-time show but I find this one much adultish in it’s humor. Shame on Hanna-Barbera for only making 30 episodes. SHAME!!!!!

    #3 King of the Hill – I don’t live in USA and Texas so there is probable plenty of jokes and satire I’m missing here but never the less – I just love every inch of this show. The dialog is so wonderfully quotable, and did you ever notice but everything in this show has this oddly sad undertone to it. I can’t put my finer on it. Take Luanne character for example. In any other show she would be just this one-note dumb blond joke. Here there is something about her that makes me feel sorry for her rather then find her an idiot, but in a likable and charming way. The similar sadness surrounds most of the characters in the cast and I find them more human and dimensional then most characters in comedy shows (and not just because they are more realistically drawn). But as far comedy goes my all time favorite episode is when Dale get his wife to fall in love with him again and her lover – John Redcorn acts like she cheated on him. It’s such a great ironic reverse and the episode leads to so many great moment which only work when you know these characters for years. Wonderful stuff.

    #2 South Park – I think one thing people taken for granted is that the show is example how the creators can actually mature over time. You watch the first few seasons and while it has a fun absurd and zany spirit to it, the jokes are mostly toilet humor, as low brown it can get. But as the show go one the creators decided to evolve and offered not push the envelope just in how shocking the show can be, but in how smart and inventive it can be. The satirical commentaries not only became very clever and soon overshadow all the lowbrown stuff but I appreciate so much the fact the creators are mature enough to make fun of both sides of the issues they approaching (unlike shows like Family Guy or American Dad which usually just pick a side and trash it while make the other side look like saints) Another thing I love is whenever they mock something they do it in a way that feels like celebrating it. There is something oddly innocent about Tray Parker and Matt Stones honesty that wash away all the cynicism from whatever dark humor they attempting. You can also tell how much they love their characters There is this wonderful charisma to it. One of my favorite episodes is the Mormon one, which starts with making fun of religion but ends with a moral which is all about embracing religion and appreciating joy you can take from it (a lesson they would later reuse in their “Book of Mormon” musical) Parker and Stone know how to be dark with their humor but put their love for the world in first place and it’s oddly mix in something delightful, unique and I bow my head for that.

    #1 – The original black and white Fleischer brothers “Popeye” cartoons… holly carp, where those cartoons influential on me as a animator, you just can imagine. Just the amount of freedom the animators had with going insane with the absurd gag’s. The timing is beyond perfect (and all hand created, unlike all the CGI crap we have to deal today) and the characters despite being simplistic where so full of personality… You don’t need a plot. Just unleashed Popeye, Olive, Bluto and Wimpy in a barbershop or a Zoo and the whole thing writes itself, with amount of jolly valiance that put’s Tom and Jerry to shame. BTW -> Did you know that the Simpson episode where the censored made Itchy and Scratchy turn nice and do nothing but just sit and drink lemonade is a ripoff of a Popeye episode? Popeye, Olive and Bluto get a letter from the censors to cut on the violence and they spent the rest of the episode just having a nice tea party, it call “Natural thing to do”, check it out. You can tell everybody involve with production (from storyboard artists to voice actors) had good time creating the episodes. I actually wrote a paper analyzing those cartoon’s for a paper for my master diploma in animation about how I find these old cartoons (along with Betty Boop and Bob Clampett stuff) superior to animation we have now. If Disney was classical music and Looney Tunes where contemporary Jazz then Fleischer Cartoons where Punk Rock. To me these cartoons represent what animation is all about (and before somebody go “But Popeye is so formulaic”, your thinking about the Famous Studio cartoons which don’t even deserve to untie Fleischer’s Popeye shoes!!!!)
    Just check out and enjoy the pure artistry of the animation :

  3. Gotta be honest, this was the hardest Top 5 that you have presented. As I love animated shows and I had to whittle my list down from ten to five.

    5. Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. – The last truly good incarnation of Scooby Doo as it was willing to mock previous incarnations and have an ongoing story line throughout two seasons with one of the most of the most evil villains that Mystery Inc. ever faced. It was not afraid to go dark and put the characters in dangerous situations that they wouldn’t have faced in the other incarnations.

    4. Static Shock – The only show from the DCAU that I would put on my list is Static Shock. While I liked all of the other shows, this one was special because Static Shock was the first time that I ever connected to a superhero series and Virgil Hawkins as Static was my favorite superhero for the longest time and seeing Static team up with the other DC heroes was always awesome.

    3. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – When this show first came around, I wanted to hate it but I sat out one year during Christmas and watched their holiday episode and then marathoned as many episodes of MLP as I could. And since that day, I’ve become hooked and there’s no going back. It’s a fun show that can also have deep lessons intertwined in there and the songs are catchy and having talked to one of the voice actresses on Facebook, who plays my favorite character, I feel a special connection to this show.

    2. House of Mouse – Admittedly, the animation in this show doesn’t hold up but this show was a Disney nerd’s dream. Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, & Daisy all run a nightclub where various Disney characters come to hang out and looking out in the nightclub and seeing what Disney characters were there as they sometimes went super obscure and would include characters that only hardcore Disney fans would know. And beyond that, it was just fun. It had fun new takes on classic Disney songs and there were usually a lot of fun hi jinks that they got into.

    1. Kim Possible – I’ve mentioned this shows numerous times in the past but this show was just so awesome and so much fun. And easily the greatest animated Disney show of all time. It mixed great comedy with stellar action. And Kim is one of the coolest of the female heroes in animation ever. She is a bad ass. And besides being so cool, she has one of the best rogues gallery in a Disney cartoon that includes the likes of Dr. Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, and much more. Also, the theme song is just great.

    This is the one of the only Disney cartoons that I know of, where after it was cancelled, fans lobbied for a 4th season to give the show a proper send-off and Disney listened and went out with a bang. If you have not seen this show, you need to check it out.

  4. My top 5 animated shows are:

    #5. Green Lantern: The Animated Series – While I think that Young Justice had a stronger start Green Lantern is a series that slowly stars to grow on you and keeps getting better and better.
    The finale of the second season is great and even if the series got cancelled it feels like a complete ending.

    #4. The Spectacular Spider-Man – Marvel’s best animated series hands down, sure the animation could be slow and awkward at times but this series to me is the only medium outside of comics that really was able to get the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man… but then it got cancelled after two seasons… and we got Ultimate Spider-Man instead… fuck my life.

    #3. Samurai Jack – A epic action/adventure show. Any flaws? It didn’t get an ending. Hopefully the new comics will fix that.

    #2. Justice League Unlimited – While I think the entire DCAU is amazing I believe that in Justice League Unlimited they were at the top of their game. It had the most consistent level of quality, and it had probably my favorite episode of any show ever “The Greatest Story Never Told”.

    #1. Gravity Falls – This series is not even done and I already know it’s my new favorite, we live in a golden age of television with great show like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad and yet there’s no other program that will make stop doing anything that I’m doing to watch it than this one. I LOVE IT. Everything about it: the character, the setting, the mysteries, the humor, everything. And I can’t wait for the new episode to come out, but it will probably get cancelled after two seasons… as everything I love apparently does.

  5. 5-Gravity Falls
    4-Steven Universe
    3-Courage The Cowardly Dog Show
    2-Invader Zim
    1-Clone High
    Side note: I agree mostly with Steve about Age Of Ultron. I felt let down, especially since last year we got the amazing Winter Soldier and wonderful Gaurdians of the Galaxy
    85 out of 100

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