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Subject: ScreamCast 57: Der Fan Von Mondo Macabro

This week we discuss Mondo Macabro’s stunning blu-ray of Eckhart Schmidt’s DER FAN with Mondo Macabro co-founder Pete Tombs. Also, some Nazisploitation lands on Sean’s doorstep, while some musical comedies and mediocre action movies arrive on Brad’s doorstep.


The Flick:


Der Fan (1982)

Directors: Eckhart Schmidt

Written By: Eckhart Schmidt

Starring: Désirée NosbuschBodo Steiger,Simone Brahmann


Teenager Simone appears to be like any other young pop fan. But soon her fixation on the band’s lead singer “R” takes over her life. She walks out of her school, breaks off from her friends and parents and somehow finds herself waiting for her idol as he appears on a TV show.


Simone wants nothing more than to love and be loved by “R”, but he uses her with machine-like coldness. When he walks out on her to join his friends, she plots her revenge. She plans the ultimate sacrifice of her god on the altar of her madness, a ceremony as exalted and romantic as it is horribly wonderful.


The Fan is a shocking and controversial film which has never been previously released in the US. This is the full and uncut original version.


Other Films Discussed:

The Devil’s BusinessThe SlaveDeep Star SixSalon KittyThe Night PorterEmpire RecordsDetroit Rock CityFirestarterGhost Team One,Teeth & Blood, Behind Enemy Lines, Blood Red


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