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Somebody Likes It Ep 32 – Lupe Fiasco: “Tetsuo and Youth”

It occurred to me a little while back that all the rap albums we’ve talked about were all released before 1990. I thought maybe we should step up our game here, so I picked one that came out a few months ago Tetsuo and Youth by Lupe Fiasco. I had been aware of Lupe when he first started putting records out, but had lost sight of him in recent years. As Ryan put it “This is the best album we’ve talked about that I’ll probably never listen to again”. But you can make up your mind on that yourself. For A Few Minutes With, Ryan continues his stellar run of picking great videos from the 80’s with his choice of We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister.

Next week we will be joined by Marcus Rice as we discuss Heaven or Las Vegas, a Cocteau Twins joint. Also, I have a feeling Creed might pop up; it’s been a little while since I’ve discussed Scott Stapp. Ciao!



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