Somebody Likes It Ep 35 – Courtney Barnett: “Sometimes I Sit and Think…”

Courtney Barnett sure is blowing up these days, so of course we had to jump on board, ’cause you know us. Hell, we even listened to a Taylor Swift song during A Current Affair this week. Not that I’m comparing Taylor Swift and Courtney Barnett, Barnett is Australian for goodness sakes! Oh, and they sounds nothing alike. If I were to compare their similarities I would say it’s kind of like comparing Slayer and The Smiths. So, kind of soundalikes, but also not at all. Lots of people throw around Bob Dylan comparisons when they are talking about Courtney Barnett and Ryan is one of those people.



Next week Ryan is bringing in a guest and we’ll discuss The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and their first full length, Fever to Tell. We’ll reconvene here so I can tell you all about it.



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