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Somebody Likes It Ep 34 – Nickleback: “All the Right Reasons”

I’ve been told by Chris Cox to try and stay away from discussing how we felt about any albums when I write these things. But I’m gonna make a slight exception in this case. I got a text from Ryan a few days before I had listened to All The Right Reasons by Canadian powerhouse Nickleback. He informed me he was currently listening to “All The Right Reasons” by Nickleback, and it “wasn’t as bad” as he had expected it to be. So, going in, I was expecting something not as bad as I had feared. Well, let me tell you, I now consider Ryan to be a dirty liar and/or a masochistic sociopath.

But having said that, the record is NOWHERE close to the awfulness that is Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf (I can’t imagine anything that is), and I think we actually have a quite measured and introspective (as introspective as you can get discussing fucking Nickleback) discussion of All the Right Reasons.

For “A Few Minutes With” Ryan brought us a gem from the 90’s. Precision Auto by indie darlings Superchunk, and Kevin told us about the time he saw a band of triangle players, or something along those lines…after which he had us watch Red Rollerskates by The Brunettes, and it is pretty damn great.

Next week? We’ll be playing musical garages again, and we’ll talk about current indie darling Courtney Barnett. Until then,



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