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Movie B.S. – Episode 258: ‘The Age of Adaline,’ ‘The Water Diviner,’ ‘The Clouds of Sils Maria,’ Character Casserole

0:00-5:00 – Hello; follow-up information on Eric’s wrist
5:00-17:20 – The Age of Adaline review
17:20-23:25 – The Water Diviner review (Bayer only)
23:25-28:50 – The Clouds of Sils Maria review (Bayer only)
28:50-45:10 – QOTW (best directorial debuts by actors)
45:10-49:05 – Next week’s QOTW will involve the Summer Box Office Challenge
49:05-57:50 – A round of Character Casserole (an airplane, Axel Foley, and the I Am Legend guy)
57:50-1:03:50 – Some nice things people wrote on Facebook about their history with the show
1:03:50-1:05:15 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What should the stakes be for our annual Summer Box Office Challenge be?

The Age of Adaline B- 6/10
The Water Diviner n/a 4/10
The Clouds of Sils Maria n/a 8/10


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