Highly Suspect Reviews: Woman in Gold


Nazis. Man, what can you do? Always stealin’ yo stuff. And, you know, being all genocide-y and the like. Seriously, has the last 50 years in cinema emphasized enough what a giant bag of dicks these guys were? The answer is: no, there is no way to emphasize enough what a giant bag of dicks these guys were and so, on that note, we bring you our review for Woman in Gold, the latest film by Simon Curtis, the director of My Week With Marilyn.

Helen Mirren plays Maria Altmann, an aged escapee from Austria during the rise of the Third Reich who has lived out her life, blessedly Nazi-free, in Los Angeles. When her sister dies, she discovers in her papers that several valuable works of art should rightfully be in her family’s possession, not in that of the Austrian government. Problem is, the art in question includes some of master artist Gustav Klimt’s most famous works. Recruiting a young lawyer (Ryan Reynolds) whose family has ties with hers, the two take on a seemingly impossible task, especially with her constantly flashing back to the war (where Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany plays the young Maria).

Beau and Chris will give their impressions, somewhat different though they may be. Check it out…


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826 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Woman in Gold”

  1. Jean-François Martel

    Yayy! I am so proud of Tatiana! Playing a young Helen Mirren is such a big deal… sorry i have something in my eye.

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