Highly Suspect Reviews: Unfriended

Imagine, you’re just sitting listening to a oneofus.net podcast, checking on your facebook friends, when all of the sudden a mysterious unblockable person starts taking over your computer forcing you to chat with your most irritating acquaintances and being threatening….well, ok, that sounds a lot just like listening to a oneofus.net podcast, but in THIS case, it’s a group of high school ‘friends’ who are in a video chat room together and a former friend who kilt themselves ’cause of a video of them making with the drunken poopy pants is back from the dead and out for revenge.

From Blumhouse Productions, Unfriended is a pretty blatant attempt to take ‘found footage’ to a new level, and we conclude that it does, sort of. You must listen to this Highly Suspect Review starring Chris, Brian, Michael and Sam or…ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS WILL DIE. Email this review to at least 50 friends or you will die. And don’t forget to click on all our Amazon links or your pet will develop a hacking cough. And become a subscriber or that sandwich you bought for tomorrow’s lunch will go bad in the fridge overnight. And join Audible.com or you will get a bad rash.


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