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Highly Suspect Reviews: Ex Machina

How do you know when your computer is smarter than you? It’s admittedly kind of hard to tell when you’re having trouble thinking about anything but wanting to have sex with it. Which, to be fair, is true for many of us in a day-to-day sense now. But in the case of Ex Machina, Oscar Issac plays a wacky-rich computer genius type who flies one of his employees (Domhnall Gleeson) out to his compound for a weekend to meet his new female android Ava (Alicia Vikander) to help him decide whether or not she is indeed truly an artificial intelligence. Suffice it to say, everything does not go to plan.

This review, which ended up being ridiculously fun to do, stars Beau, Chris, Ashley and our newest HSR member Sarah (who you might know from her previous existence in Tokyo on our Wayward Podcast show).


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