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Highly Suspect Reviews: Daredevil

While the Unusual Suspects have historically only reviewed cinematic releases, it only felt right that, what with the level of excitement about it here in the Oneofus offices, that we give Highly Unusual respect to the very cinematic Daredevil television show which just premiered (in the entirety of its first season, as is Netflix’s wont) this past weekend. As did practically every other comic geek in the country, we marathoned the SHIT out of this one and now we’re so excited to talk about it, we couldn’t restrain ourselves to merely giving you a regular critique.

Chris, JC, Beau, Michael and Randy all give a full analysis of the first season, spoilers and all. So be prepared, true believers, for a look at what might be the best superhero television show yet, but only if you’ve already seen it (or have no problem with major plot elements being spoiled for you)…


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