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Generic April Fool’s Day Post


Hold onto your hats, fans because we have an announcement that will knock your TARDIS/Star Wars/Star Trek/Yu-Gi-Oh socks off! has joined the Nerdist Network! That’s right, now you can hear all of our great content under the aegis of Nerdist Industries, but that’s not all…Chris Hardwick will personally appear on every single one of our podcasts weekly.


Unfortunately, the plan has been canceled for the merger with Nerdist industries and now, we’re sad to report that is closing its doors for the forseeable future. Sadly, the network only wanted our shows that didn’t feature Chris and/or Brian and made the entirety of the rest of the content offers they couldn’t refuse to join their network. Having not enough content to continue, we are closing down. We appreciate all of you and thank you for your being one of the us (assuming you too weren’t bought out by the Nerdist Network).


Brian has announced his intention to run for president of Nerdist Industries. Shockingly, this is a publicly elected position, as it turns out, and we believe he may very well have enough support to take over the 600 lb gorilla of the podcasting world and re-brand it with the shows you love (that feature Brian and Chris) as the new headliners on their network. All of this became key when it turned out that after garnering enough votes to be on the ballot, the final decision comes down to a dance-off, which we’re confident Brian can TOTALLY take Hardwick in.



In honor of Brian now running Nerdist Industries, as we knew he would, is now promoting this wonderful day with a world tour. All of your favorite on-site talent will be touring their shows to every major city that exists, including yours! All you need to do is send in a picture of your parent’s credit cards (don’t forget the back as well!) and we’ll start making plans to send your favorite shows down to visit you!



While there is much to celebrate at our site right now, it comes tinged with a hint of sadness. During the dance-off competition with Chris Hardwick that Brian so masterfully triumphed in, Elliott fainted from all the excitement, falling back into Ashley, who fell into JC, who fell into a bowling ball rack, which sent a bowling ball flying in the air that ended its arc on top of Chris’s head. He is in critical care at UCLA Medical Center and under heavy sedation. More news as it comes in.



Chris is awake and speaking now, although heavily medicated. He can’t remember what happened and, in fact, can’t remember anything. All of his experience, film history, and knowledge seem to have been lost. The Inauguration Ceremony for Brian is temporarily on hold as he is personally nursing Chris back to movie health by showing him a John Carpenter marathon in his hospital room.


We’ve had to come to terms with what has happened to Chris and realized that he can no longer perform his previous duties on the site as a film and tv critic (although he is starting a new podcast specifically about amnesiac sex in partnership with Dr. Nerdlove, so keep your eyes open for that: “Forget-Me-Nuts”). In friendship and in honor of their long history together, Tony Guerrero will be taking his place on the site, marking the first time he’s recorded movie reviews since the ending of We’re honored and pleased he’s taken this step to end his sabbatical to join his friends at!

(add your own updates in the comments, you know, if you want to)