Digital Noise Episode 88: Reunited!


We warned you that when this podcast hit 88 episodes that you would see some serious shit! Didn’t we? Well we meant to warn you. Turns out that serious shit is the seriously cool reunion of Chris and Brian! Your two original gangsters haven’t held down the couch together in…well, a long time!

Boy, did they get a imposing reception for their reunion! This show is so jam-packed with titles that it may take you multiple listens to get through it all. We tackle the big stuff–Interstellar, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, and A Most Violent Year–as well as the gems–Best Seller and Without A Clue–and indeed the garbage: Muck. We are also unanimously pleasantly surprised by the anime offering of the week: Harlock The Space Pirate.

Finally, we giveaway a copy of St. Vincent on Blu! Want to know how to win? Download and listen!

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A Most Violent Year Bluray Review  The Sure Thing Bluray Review  The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies Bluray ReviewChatahoochie Bluray Review  Interstellar Bluray Review  Silicon Valley Season 1 Bluray ReviewVeep Season 3 Bluray Review  The Rewrite Bluray Review  Dirty Dozen Deadly Mission Fatal Mission Bluray ReviewBest Seller Bluray Review  Without A Clue Bluray Review  Allan Quatermain Lost City of Gold Bluray ReviewNight Game Bluray Review  The End of Violence Bluray Review  Wolverine v Sabretooth Reborn DVD ReviewMuck Bluray Review  The Voices Bluray Review  Harlock Space Pirate DVD ReviewSt Vincent Bluray Giveaway

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1,200 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 88: Reunited!”

  1. Damn, I remember “Best Seller”. The video store I worked at had it on the shelf and it was one of those oldies that was always rented.

    And I used to play “Without A Clue” at work on slow days, when the week’s big movies were too “R” to preview for the customers.

    1. I put forth a whole theory about that a couple of Breakfast Pubs ago. He IS Blofeld AND they are going to put forth the idea that he’s Bond’s HALF brother. There is one very important piece of evidence in the SPECTRE trailer that precludes him from being Bond’s actual brother by blood.

      1. Whatever twist they do with him in the movie, will be way better than the twist with Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness.

      2. Pardon the belated reply, but I only started listening to this episode partly because I waited until the amazon link pics show up to see what movies are reviewed which I understand keeps you guys are busy and I appreciate you guys take the time reviewing everything you could: The Allan Quatermain review left me a bit confused at first when Chris said it was Golan-Globus production, yet I remember on both King Solomon’s Mines & this movie’s VHS release (before my parents taped over it) the logo that pops up is the same Cannon Films logo you’re using, Brian. It was only after reading on Wikipedia that I found out essentially the same difference.

  2. yeah being broke i usually only buy the awesome stuff that yall recommend but i have a few odd balls on the shelf. i have a movie of this anime series ‘case closed’: the time bombed skyscraper, it is probably my most ‘shameful’ but it is a solid mystery. also a big plus for owning it,
    it isn’t showgirls 😉

  3. i had been looking forward to voices cause i have made it a mission to see every movie with anna kendrick in it and you guys are right that trailer was a real nasty curve ball for what it delivered.

    on one hand i thought the animals were hysterical, creepy, but hysterical there was a great rhythm to them and yeah very dog and cat.

    on the other hand the movie frolicked in its gruesomeness way too long and had some truly suspenseful and terrifying confrontations.

    in the end it felt like it spliced a mediocre comedy and horror movie together and couldn’t decide what it wanted to be.

    i think if it had gone the tucker and dale V evil route and made the deaths much more accidental they coulda had reynolds character struggle on whether the accidents made him evil and they could have explored the similar struggle and even had a similar break in his psyche.

    but in the end we got something much freakier but still good all wrapped up in an ‘ i cant get clean feeling’.

    also i would have sworn the dog was voiced by gary busey.

    plus i have theory about the song at the end you have anna kendrick the woman who has done what will be 4 musicals in 3 years you find a way to get her to sing in your movie.

  4. In the roller-rink of my dream world, Martin Landau will always be intoning “Couples Skate!”…and it will be a command.

  5. just a quick bit of constructive criticism i totally understand it is busy at the oneofus studios and got no problem listening to get the twitter giveaway prompt but if you could go back to posting the # with the giveaway it would really make me happy and much less paranoid that i didn’t misspell something and get lost in the twitterverse thanks 🙂

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