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Two Ghostbusters Films Existing Together…Mass Hysteria!

As reported by Deadline, Sony Pictures will be forming Ghostcorps, a new production company that will be operated by Producer Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd. The production company will be responsible for building the Ghostbusters brand for the foreseeable future by not only producing films based on the supernatural comedy series, but by exploring other merchandising opportunities as well. In addition to the announcement of Ghostcorps, Reitman has confirmed early plans for a second Ghostbusters film, which is set to star a more male-oriented team.

The supposed male-centered Ghostbusters film is said to have landed Joe and Anthony Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) as directors, with Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3, Mission Impossible 5) penning the screenplay. Channing Tatum and his producing partners Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan are also attached to produce. Although a cast has not yet been announced for the film, it is rumored that Sony wants Tatum to star as one of the Ghostbusters, due in no samll part to his success with Sony-backed projects like the 21 Jump Street series and Magic Mike.

Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd

While speaking with Deadline, Reitman went into as much detail as possible about the upcoming films and his and Aykroyd’s new positions at Sony.

“We want to expand the Ghostbusters universe in ways that will include different films, TV shows, merchandise, all things that are part of modern filmed entertainment.  This is a branded entertainment, a scary supernatural premise mixed with comedy. Paul Feig’s film will be the first version of that, shooting in June to come out in July 2016. He’s got four of the funniest women in the world, and there will be other surprises to come. The second film has a wonderful idea that builds on that. Drew will start writing and the hope is to be ready for the Russo Brothers’ next window next summer to shoot, with the movie coming out the following year. It’s just the beginning of what I hope will be a lot of wonderful movies.”

It’s funny to think that only a few short months ago that a third Ghostbusters film had been languishing in development hell for years. As of yesterday, we not only have two films in the works, but an entire production company responsible for resurrecting and promoting the franchise. Aykrod must have been drinking a fair share of his Cystal Head Vodka when the deal was all said and done. Still, the news has been met with mixed reactions in some places, with many pointing out that these Ghostbusters announcements are a contingency plans on the part of Sony.  With the confirmation that a Paul Feig directed all-female Ghostbusuters movie starring Kristen Wigg, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones was in the works, Sony might have been intimidated by the many negative reactions online. There was and still is backlash to the Feig Ghostbusters film, with many sexist and derogatory comments being made about the film’s stars. While Sony will probably never admit that the backlash influenced their decision, it’s curious that the studio was so quick to announce Ghostcorps and another Ghostbusters film so soon.

Melissa McCarthy, Paul Feig and Kristen Wiig
Melissa McCarthy, Paul Feig and Kristen Wigg

While I’m not the biggest fan of Feig’s directorial efforts, and I’m very much aware that I am in the minority in that regard, Bridesmaids and The Heat were huge commercial and critical successes for the director and the actors involved. I’m completely fine with the idea of an all-female Ghostbusters cast and I’m very much looking forward to the supposed setting and overall dynamic of the new team. Also, there’s no doubt that his film has some enormously talented comedians starring in it, most notably Wigg and Jones. If Feig can establish a similar feeling of comradery and humor found in original 1984 comedy, then I’ll be at the theatre opening night.

In the end, I’m pretty excited by all of these announcements. Sony seems adamant about establishing long-lasting franchises, and Ghostbusters, even with only one good movie, animated series and videogame, has managed to endure for 30 years. With so many talented people involved in the creative process of revitalizing this series, I’m sure we have a number of things to look forward to.

What do you think reader? Are you excited about Sony’s Ghostcorps and the other Ghostbusters film on the way? What about Feig’s Ghostbusters movie? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Deadline

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