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Somebody Likes It Ep 30 – Sonic Youth: “Goo”

This week at the show there’s a bit of a wrench thrown into the works. Namely, Chris (me, who’s writing this week’s text), one of your heroic leaders at I’m a big fan of what these guys do at Somebody Likes It and had been talking with Shane about coming on the show to talk an album up for some time now. And that some time…is now.

I realize that generally speaking the idea has been for the guys to listen to an album they weren’t overwhelmingly familiar with (if at all) that’s otherwise well known. I broke all the rules and brought in one of my favorite records, showing my age, the unexpected 1990 pop masterpiece by Sonic Youth, Goo. Fortunately for the show’s usual format, nobody else there had really sat down with it before now. And BOY did we get some mixed reactions.

In addition to going over the album du jour, we talked about Quarry Hymns by Land of Talk and Hero by Family of the Year (which was prominently featured on the Boyhood soundtrack. Oh, and also we went kinda longer than usual. That’s gonna happen when you put me on your podcast and feed me craft brews the whole time. Enjoy!



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