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Somebody Likes It Ep 31 – Bob Dylan: “Blood on the Tracks”

The history of the world is full of brave heroes. Men and women that took on things that no one else would consider touching with a pole of any length. Well, I think you can add Kevin, Ryan, and Myself to that list. Who else would have had the huevos grande (that’s big balls for those monolinguals) to take on a critical discussion of Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks”? But don’t worry, it ended up being lots of fun and not too inflammatory. Also, it marked a return to our roots as it once was: just the 3 of us back in the garage.

We also discussed a Matthew E. White song and an interesting one by Dennis Wilson, lesser known these days than his brother Brian, but a great songwriter no less.


Be back in a week with some Lupe Fiasco talk.


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