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SMARK COUNTRY: Loyal Soldiers or Sailors Going Down With the Ship?

Most of the news emanating from TNA Wrestling has not been the most pleasant news. Contract negotiations going south, compounded by ratings woes have put pressure on the #2 wrestling promotion in the U.S. in recent months. So, it’s fortunate that TNA can depend on the loyalty of a few of its mainstays, despite the sword of Damocles seemingly dangling above this company.


News broke this past weekend, via the Twitter page of TNA executive John Gaburick, of the re-signing of Tigre Uno, Taryn Terrell and Bobby Roode. Tigre Uno is an electrifying high-flyer that will continue to draw eyes to the X-Division. Terrell has been a strong addition to the Knockouts Division and has been improving with each and every match. Roode’s pedigree speaks for itself and he is destined for not only more World Championship title reigns, but a spot in the TNA Hall of Fame one day. I have to give kudos to TNA for offering not only the platform for these hard workers to ply their trade, but deserving contracts as well. However, as Anakin Skywalker learned, loyalty can be gravely misplaced.

Since moving to Destination America, the ratings have been less than stellar. There has been an average of about 400,000 viewers each week since the move, which is alarming. The embarrassment of the failure to court former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, even though they offered him a six-figure contract, still has to sting. This is far from a company that is going to go belly up within a week’s or even a month’s time, but there are many signs that put fear into even me, a fan of the talent on the roster. Hopefully, these athletes re-upped their contracts after long rumination and with backup plans B and C in place…just in case.

Are those loyal to Impact Wrestling up for an exciting and fun ride, or are they on a luxury liner on collision course with an iceberg that will sink the ship that is TNA? Only time will tell.


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