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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Unfinished Business’

Here at OneOfUsNet, the Unusual Suspects take care of business every week. The only difference is that our business trips are to the multiplex and the secret component that makes our power meetings powerful is…well, booze. In the new comedy Unfinished Business, Vince Vaughn plays a guy from the far more conventional business world. The kind with spreadsheets and neckties and stuff.

Vaughn quits his job at a company that sells scrap metal to boldly found his very own company…that also sells scrap metal. He founds this company alongside an elderly former coworker (Tom Wilkinson) and a lovable young idiot (Dave Franco) whom he met in the parking lot on his way out the door of his former employer. After a year of operation, the trio now have one shot of keeping their company afloat: nabbing that one major client even if it means traveling all the way to Germany!

Luckily, you needn’t venture so far to hear this Highly Suspect Review. Brian, Chris, J.C., Elliott, and Michael crowd around the conference table…ok fine, Chris’ livingroom couch…and file their own individual cost/benefit analyses of the film. Download, listen, and share this review.

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