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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Run All Night’

Usually, people don’t chase Liam Neeson. Typically, bad guys have no idea Neeson is coming and end up getting taken down before they have any clue what hit them. But if there were one man with the stones massive enough to piss off both the Irish mob and every cop in New York City, it’s Liam Neesons!

Run All Night takes place over the course of a single day, in which a former hitman for the mob (Neeson) must protect his son (Joel Kinnaman) from the wrath of the local boss (Ed Harris). Turns out that mob boss’ son (Boyd Holbrok) is a real d-bag and tries to murder the hitman’s son, only to end up full of bullets himself. When in the hell are people going to learn to stop effin’ with Liam Neeson?!

Brian, Elliott, and J.C. ran to the nearest dirt mall theater to see this action thriller, and they now sit down to relay their thoughts. Get it? Relay? Running a relay? Never mind. This de facto Inside the Locker version of Highly Suspect Reviews is apropos considering the weird hockey game that underscores the first two acts of Run All Night.

Plus, you know, Neeson kills gangsters like he’s campaigning for MVP of the murder league!

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