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Highly Suspect Reviews: It Follows

We learned a lot of stuff in the 80s about sex that changed our attitudes. The era of ‘free love’ changed to ‘no glove, no love’ and paranoia due to misunderstandings about the nature of dangerous health risks associated with it. That being said, having sex that causes an unkillable supernatural monster that only you can see that will never stop coming after you unless you pass on the ‘tag’ by having sex with someone else? Sure, probably not the biggest problem for the popular kids, but if you were a nerd like us and just happened to get lucky once….maybe not so lucky after all.

Such is the plot of the new horror film It Follows by director David Robert Mitchell, stepping into horror for the first time after his very well received teen drama The Myth of the American Sleepover. Maika Monroe plays the innocent who receives this mark and has to

Michael, Chris and Elliott take on the little horror film that could (going from four theaters that it sold out in during it’s opening tiny release, to over a 1000) and discuss not only the movie, but the state of horror and what’s wrong with Hollywood’s distribution directives for modern terror tales.


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