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Highly Suspect Reviews: Home

Awww, look at all those cuddly little squishy aliens. So cute and they talk in adorable pidgin English. Jim Parsons (from “Big Bang Theory”) is playing the lead one and look…he just wants to be loved, much like his reluctant buddy, an earth girl played by Rihanna who only wants to find her mom. See, they’re both misunderstood nerds in their own way! It’s also so captivating the way the aliens resettle all of humanity into a brightly colored concentration camp, isn’t it? That Dreamworks really knows how to speak to, erm, 4 year olds.

Clearly, Brian, Chris, Beau and Sam didn’t feel like this movie was made to speak to them. In one of the more rambunctious reviews since “Transformers 4”, they tear this one a new hole. Check it out.

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