Five and Out 094: Spaceships


This week Wes and Steve discuss Wes’s frenectomy, different types of pens, and our Top 5 Spaceships! Enjoy!

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77 thoughts on “Five and Out 094: Spaceships”

  1. 5. The Spaceship That Stitch Stole In Lilo & Stitch – This spaceship was very sleek in design being a space cop ship and just has one of the best designs of any Disney animated vehicle. With how fast, it can go, it looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive.

    4. The Interceptor – Green Lantern: The Animated Series – This ship was really sleek in design and in part was based on the Enterprise. But the biggest thing that made this ship so great was it’s A.I, Aya, as she became a character of her own over time and just made this ship all the more special as the show went on.

    3. Milano – Guardians of the Galaxy – As stated, this ship looks like it could be a great bachelor pad and just seems like it would be the party ship that would be a blast to hang out on.

    2. Benny’s Spaceship,Spaceship, Spaceship – The Lego Movie. This ship was great and it was a blast seeing Benny finally get to build his spaceship as he goes nuts making his spaceship and it is one of the coolest looking ships ever. And it just feels like something a kid would do, if you gave them free reign to build their own spaceship.

    1. The Jetsons Car – The Jetsons – This one is purely based on nostalgia. But it is one of the earliest spaceships I can remember and while it be small, I still like it and plus it’s easy to store as it turns into a breifcase.

  2. First of all props for mentioning Flight of the Navigator. I thought I was the only one who remembers that movie.

    5. The Ship From the Cosmos Series — Who wouldn’t want to explore the universe with your very own personal Neil Degrasse Tyson to explain what things to you.

    4. The Axiom — (Wall-e) My vacation ship. Weather’s always whatever I say it is. Unlimited smoothies and a robot army that bends to your will. Not sure why unlimited smoothies seems so attractive right now. It may be because it’s so damn hot in my apartment.

    3. Enterprise — Replicator, Holodeck, also if can travel through black holes.

    2. The Tardis — (Doctor Who) An indestructible spaceship and time machine. Although I’d need the Doctor to team me to fly it.

    1. The Normandy SR2 — (Mass Effect) Because of EDI. You’ve got a ship with a sassy AI who can keep you safe and perform millions of calculations in nanoseconds. Plus she’s a badass warrior. But most of all I felt like the Normandy is MY SHIP. You spend so much of the game on that ship that you really feel like you own it.

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