Digital Noise Episode 86: Dick & Cox…Together Again


The ever-unpredictable line-up of your weekly Digital Noise throws a curveball back to home base (is that a working sports metaphor? I don’t even know) as Richard and Chris team up to bring you this week’s collection of titles for your listening (and perhaps later…viewing) pleasure. A few fantastic, a few craptastic, another week, another show of love for you, our listeners, as we wade through the random pile of blu-rays and dvds sent to our doorsteps.
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89 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 86: Dick & Cox…Together Again”

  1. I was thinking they was going be a lot of DVDs and Blu Rays this week, because they was no show last week, but it’s great the show is back.

      1. That sounds fine with me: I myself will be doing some catch up with some podcasts both old and new. Also, just a minor correction: The GoodFeathers were featured on Animaniacs, not Tiny Toons.

        1. You are correct about Goodfeathers. I always lump those shows in with each other (as essentially, they were two parts of the same whole anyway).

  2. richard, please, for the love of god, don’t take “emergen-c”. it’s garbage. pure, 100% mcdonalds quality vitamins. it’ll mess up the inner lining of your stomach with its acidity and give you an ulcer over time. check out my family’s line of vitamins, which we will start selling under trader joe’s own name within the next few months.

  3. I will like to see Neill Blomkamp’s Alien be a comedy, like Evil Dead 2, or maybe it can be a satire like Robocop.

    1. like “Dark Star,” the film that inspired it? Although I will admit, I always secretly wanted to see a Wes Andersen remake of Dark Star

  4. I’d like to see soem movies that focus on the construction of the first space shuttles. It would make for a great drama piece and have a fantastic visual payoff at the end.

  5. Jean-François Martel

    Holy Shit, i was not expecting that Cherry Falls mention! Thank you Richard, I love that movie, no shame. It’s a damn mess and i love it.

  6. was the audio a bit split between the two ears in this podcast, or is that my headphones playing up? Not meaning to be annoying, I’m genuinely unsure.

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