Digital Noise Episode 85: Singing Werewolves


This week, on a very special episode of Digital Noise. Sam has a problem. He thinks Old English 800 is beer…and he just can’t seem to stop drinking it.

When Chris helps him to overcome his addiction by Writing Love on his Arms, he turns into a Wolfcop and together they hit the Road to Hong Kong for one Last Christmas. Unfortunately, after their Life Partner Annie joins them at The Breakfast Club (because she ain’t playing those Hunger Games, yo), The Intruders Eat Drink Man Woman, and poor Annie is devoured. It was Low Down, but even Da Vinci had demons (even though he was a Pioneer).

As they ran from Chris and Sam’s terrible vengeance they screamed out, “You haven’t seen The Last of Robin Hood!”, whatever that meant. By then it was getting to be the Late Phases of the day and while this adventure didn’t live up to The Legend of Korra, it was no small feat to get through the Longmire of a day.

Ha, did it! You owe me 20 bucks, Brian.

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Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Bluray Review   Breakfast Club Bluray Review   Annie Bluray Review

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To Write Love on Her Arms DVD Review   Legend of Korra Book Four Bluray Review   Doctor Who Last Christmas Bluray Review

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Life Partners Bluray Review   Last of Robin Hood Bluray Review   Intruders DVD Review

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Road to Hong Kong Bluray Review   Eat Drink Man Woman Bluray Review   Low Down DVD Review

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Pioneer Bluray Review   Wolfcop Bluray Review   Late Phases Bluray Review

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Da Vincis Demons Season 2 Bluray Review   Longmire Season 3 Bluray Review

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648 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 85: Singing Werewolves”

  1. I think the best teenager film is the first Karate Kid and I don’t like Breakfast Club. I wanted to like it, but it’s just one of these movies that a lot of people like and I don’t.

  2. I have been saying it but I think everything was great until that last 5 minutes of Korra. Just felt it was not set up to that and that it still came out of nowhere.

    1. It’s there, you just don’t realise much of it the first time. Try rewatching it, with the ending in mind. (Can’t really go into detail here, because of spoilers…)

      1. Trust me I did rewatch it, And I feel like most of the examples that people give are more or less of a stretch. Don’t get me wrong it is cool they did it. But I think it was still a little bit forced and a little bit last minute.

  3. 1) thanks for the hairball tip… but that usually scares the cat away. Meaning the hairball becomes dropped in a place that requires moving furniture to get to (and you actually got my last name right).
    2) Re: the Criterion question… I recently read that the original ending to Saul Bass’ “Phase IV” was found. I’d like to see a fully restored version of that.

    1. something else that might help for hairballs are these like fiber capsules for cats. my vet gave them for me when i got my new cat and they have seemed to really work. you open up the capsule spread it over the food and 6 months so far no hairballs. they are a little expensive (like $60) but it has been 6 months on 1 bottle and it has been worth it for me

  4. Austin/Chubblicious

    Great episode guys, I love all the new people you have on, all of them bring something great to the table!

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