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Digital Noise Episode 85: Singing Werewolves

This week, on a very special episode of Digital Noise. Sam has a problem. He thinks Old English 800 is beer…and he just can’t seem to stop drinking it.

When Chris helps him to overcome his addiction by Writing Love on his Arms, he turns into a Wolfcop and together they hit the Road to Hong Kong for one Last Christmas. Unfortunately, after their Life Partner Annie joins them at The Breakfast Club (because she ain’t playing those Hunger Games, yo), The Intruders Eat Drink Man Woman, and poor Annie is devoured. It was Low Down, but even Da Vinci had demons (even though he was a Pioneer).

As they ran from Chris and Sam’s terrible vengeance they screamed out, “You haven’t seen The Last of Robin Hood!”, whatever that meant. By then it was getting to be the Late Phases of the day and while this adventure didn’t live up to The Legend of Korra, it was no small feat to get through the Longmire of a day.

Ha, did it! You owe me 20 bucks, Brian.

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