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Digital Noise Episode 84: Givin’ You Whiplash

On this week’s Noise, we introduce the third new member of the DN family. You know him, you love him, he’s a magic man: The LEOG’s Mr. Johnny Neill!  He’ll be the new rookie Blu-ray cop paired with Brian, the cantankerous old veteran. Wait, how did that work out?

In keeping with the tradition of an initiation, Brian runs Johnny through a painful gauntlet of garbage. Luckily, there are titles like Foxcatcher, Whiplash (which we’re also giving away), and a quartet of classic musicals to provide a silver lining to this cloud of dreck. Not only that, but we also bring in Mr. Matt Frank for a special bonus segment to review Shout Factory’s Super Sentai Zyuranger collection…because why wouldn’t he review that?!

Also, Johnny’s answers to his very first Letterbox questions are pretty outstanding! Crunchy Fucking Peanut Butter! Don’t ask, just download and listen.

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Foxcatcher Bluray Review   Whiplash Bluray Review   Musicals Collection Bluray Review

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Satyricon Bluray Review   The Captive Bluray Review   Super Sentai DVD Review

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Blacula Scream Blacula Scream Bluray Review   New Years Evil Bluray Review   Zombieworld DVD Review

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The Humbling Bluray Review   Dragonheart 3 Bluray Review   Innocence Bluray Review

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