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Somebody Likes It Ep 27 – Run DMC: “Tougher than Leather”

I want to start this out with a warning. We had some new developments in the garage this week that both unleashed Kevin from his production role, and encouraged his usage of “Dad Pun Humor”. While this show was extremely fun for us, I can’t really tell you that you will be free from some freewheeling “humor”, a lot of which involves old-dude 80’s sitcom “Newhart”. Which is such an obvious go-to seeing as how we are discussing RUN-DMC’s 1988 mixed bag of tricks “Tougher Than Leather”.

So, the major new development for the show this week (and the for-seeable future) is that Mark Couvillion is going to stay on with us, albeit in a different role. He’s gonna be taking on the role of show producer and while he won’t always be picking up a mic, he will be in the room with us…fact-checking, more fact-checking, being utilized as an ally, making us wrap up “discussions that are going no-where”, and other “grown-up” stuff like that. YAY PRODUCER MARK!!!

Ok, so RUN-DMC. Who knew they had a Monkees cover on this record? We all had a lot to say, and although I dropped a disclaimer (is that an Adam Sandler joke?) earlier in this missive, it is a pretty fun discussion (AND Ryan went to pick up his laundry mid-show again. Laundry wasn’t ready, schadenfreude ensued).

We watched a cat video during the intermission.

Let’s reconvene in 7,


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