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Somebody Likes It Ep 29 – The Modern Lovers: “The Modern Lovers”

Ryan made it on time this week, and he came through the door with AMAZING video from the 80’s tucked under his arm. But more on that in a minute. I came through the door with a bundle of pre-packaged Buttery Nipple shots, and let me say they were exactly as delicious as you might think.

For our album this week, Kevin picked “The Modern Lovers” 1976 Eponymous album. All I had known about The Modern Lovers prior to this listen was that Jonathan Richman was the main dude, and all I knew about Jonathan Richman prior to this listen was he was in that movie where Ben Stiller got his dick stuck in his zipper. But I’m sure glad I got the chance to listen to it.

For A Few Minutes With, Ryan brought us “Rock You Tonite” and he is 2 for 2 with mind blowing videos from the 80’s (the other one being Van Halen’s incredible “Pretty Woman”. This video is often said to have essentially ended Billy Squire’s career, and having seen it I can see why. I HIGHLY encourage repeated viewings. I Chose “Crush” by Tahiti 80 for A Current Affair, and we answer the question “Are they still a band?” (hint-the answer is yes).


Ok, we’re super excited because next week Chris Cox is guesting on the show and he picked Sonic Youth’s 1990 record “Goo” for us to discuss. I’m sure hi-jinks will ensue. See you then.


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