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Somebody Likes It Ep 28 – The Kinks: “The Kinks are The Village Green Preservation Society”

Oh you guys. Sometimes I wish I were you. Then I wouldn’t know about some of the “AMAZING” on the fly stuff we occasionally pull, and I would go into listening to the show with even wider eyes (Cause face it, this show is like Jaws/Star Wars circa mid-70’s, albeit wrapped up in all the Beatles albums combined). We were just about out of that damn garage, and then Ryan showed up…let me back up a bit.

I picked the record this week, and it’s “The Kinks are The Village Green Preservation Society” by…wait for it…The Kinks (wouldn’t it have been wonderful if I dropped in C and C Music Factory right there?). I love the British Invasion, I think the Beatles were the most confounding and amazing band ever, most of my all time favorite bands and records hail from The British Isles…but somehow the Kinks had mostly fallen off of my radar. And that’s not for lack of people nudging me toward them (looking at you Darin Murphy). Long story short, I finally understood all of the comparisons to Blur- Parklife I’ve heard over the years.

Because of a 2am text I had received a few nights before taping, I knew Ryan was a fan of this one. Which is why when I walked into Mark’s garage and Ryan wasn’t there I was all sad-faced and shit. Turns out, if you are playing with your dog and accidentally scratch your cornea in 2 places, and you are in so much pain you have to move the recording of your podcast to the following day cause you have to go to the doctor…not everybody can make the re-schedule the next day. Ryan had to work that night, and nobody bothered to tell me-sad trombone-. Well lucky for us, our guest for the night, Infamous Music Journalist Chad Swiatecki, did a most admirable fill-in. Sadly, Ryan really liked the record and Chad did not, so I regret not having them in the same room. I’m not above throwing meat to the wolves.

For “A Few Minutes With”, we watched Kip Winger do some logic gymnastics and bass twirling while he struggling with his attraction for a 17 year old (Now a woman of 45 as we point out)…or actually, there’s no struggle, he straight up admits he’s an admirer of underage women in the song.

Oh, and then Ryan showed up right as we were all getting in our cars to go home, so we fired the whole thing back up, and did another show in fast forward as a postscript. I have yet to have heard it, but I’m cringing a little because by that time I might have had a few beers…


We’re loving all of the discussion with you guys, please keep the comments and messages and e-mails coming! We have yet to include a listener pick for one of our shows, but we will; we talk about it a lot…we’re just waiting for a few to pick from.

Is it fair to say I’ll be doing this again in a week. Yes. Hope to see you then,


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