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Somebody Likes It Ep 26 – Jellyfish: “Spilt Milk”

Welcome dear listener to a tale of the macabre…a tale that will surely cause shivers to run up and down your spine! A story so boring it might cause you to rip your own eyes out!!!

We fucked up the RUN-DMC show that was supposed to be this week’s episode, and one that we allude to on multiple occasions on this week’s actual show. So that episode is DEAD but will be soon resurrected/re-recorded for next weeks installment…a tale of the un-dead indeed…

Instead this week you get the return of guest Matt Munoz, the craziest video of the 80’s (courtesy of Van Halen), and the debut of our new segment “A Current Affair”, wherein we discuss a song released within the 12 months preceding the show. For the inaugural segment I picked “Bridges” by the New Zealand duo, Broods. Let’s see if you catch the twist at the end of the video cause these fucking knuckle-heads sure as shit didn’t.

ALSO! We talk about the Jellyfish record, “Spilt Milk”. I had previously scorned Jellyfish because of their stupid early 90’s clothes, but turns out, they weren’t as bad as their clothes were.


NEXT UP! PROMISE! RUN-DMC and “Tougher Than Leather”

See ya’ll on the Flip Wilson side.


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