Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’


It has been remarked that manners maketh man, but as in all things, our understanding of propriety around here is Highly Suspect. Luckily, we take lessons on both citizenship and impeccable fashion sense from Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Colin Firth stars as Harry Hart (alias Galahad), a dapper and dangerous member of a top secret organization determined to protect the world from those who would seek to destroy it. One such ne’er do well is a tech mogul named Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson), and his diabolical scheme requires all hands on deck at Kingsman HQ. Galahad helps train a young recruit named Eggsy (Taron Egerton), an unlikely, but ultimately suitable candidate for this cadre of gentlemen spies.

A few of the upstanding gentlemen who comprise The Unusual Suspects suit up to break down Matthew Vaughn’s cheeky love letter to/sendup of James Bond. Brian, Chris, Elliott, and J.C. gather round the table to not-so-secretly laud this refreshingly well-crafted action comedy that packs just as much subtext as it does punch.

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534 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’”

  1. Is anyone else having a problem with the audio option on BeyondPod not showing up for any of the One of Us podcasts? I like to listen on the go and the app helps me have it on my phone without having to download it on my computer and put it on my phone, etc. I don’t want to miss any just because I’m not near my computer later

  2. Jean-François Martel

    So is Sam Jackson the only non-white character of substance in the movie? If so i’m not really interested in a movie that tries to talk to me about classism but ignores racism and i’m already side-eyeing it because of the whole Darwin situation in First Class.

      1. Jean-François Martel

        i was told that the needle-feet lady is Algerian so that is cool. Still bugged by the fact that both of them are villains. Anyway i’ll probably not see it anyway because of the whole having to leave the house thing.

  3. Before listening to this, I had just finished dealing with a rather stressful electricity issue in my house and when Chris started beeping out the spoilers, well, I almost freaked out.

    Also, when I first saw the trailer, I thought it was just another PG-13 adventure film that was trying to ride off of the suggest of Harry Potter, etc. Then I found it was rated R and was directed by Matthew Vaughn and my interest was suddenly peaked. I definitely have to see this one.

    1. Richard currently has more of a day than night availability so he hasn’t be able to do the screenings as much. But you’ll see him there again eventually.

  4. This sound slike just the kind of comedy we’ve been wanting to see in the cinema for quite a while. I’ll definitely try and check this one out.

  5. Was fun, sounds like its going down much better your end as ive heard a lot of moaning about it in the UK i thought the first half very strong 2nd a bit too mental by the end, mark hamill had nothing to do and i Wasn’t sure if the fx were supposed to look so 80s cheap? Mark Strong was the best thing in it, nailed that scottish brogue. If you want the verg best of british though I , d highly recomend Shaun the Sheep! Will keep you in puns for weeks

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