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Digital Noise Episode 81: Journalism 101

This week’s episode of Digital Noise is all about ethics in journalism. No, really. We review titles like Nightcrawler, Kill the Messenger, and Rosewater, all of which deal with various aspects of the world of journalism; from moral center to post-moral.

Plus, on this episode, Brian is joined by Richard Whittaker, who is like…an actual journalist and stuff. Oh, and if someone decides to violate our strict journalistic code of ethics, that’s when we send John Wick after them.

All this, AND we give away a copy of a film written by Joss Whedon! No, not that one. Nope, not that one either. Look, just listen in and find out.

John Wick Bluray Review ABCs of Death 2 Bluray Review 101 Dalmatians Diamon Edition Bluray Review Empty Space Nightcrawler Bluray Review Force Majeure Bluray Review Forclosure DVD Review Empty Space Olive Kitteridge Bluray Review Laggies Bluray Review Rosewater Bluray Review Empty Space Brotherhood of Blades Bluray Review Kink DVD ReviewVandal DVD Review Empty Space Kill The Messenger Bluray Review In Your Eyes DVD Review

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