Bad Film Confessions

Seeing that it is currently the winter dumping ground for new movies, most of my cinematic intake consists of Oscar nominees in order to get ready for the awards in February. However, I do have to admit, that when my mind can no longer take the high-brow, thought-provoking, and emotional movies that usually serve as award bait, I turn to a few of my favorite movies. Now, these are not my favorite movies that I usually admit to. These are the ones I keep reserved for personal viewing only, and refuse to watch with others, even my husband, in case of the event that they start pointing out what total garbage is actually on screen. They also happen to be some of the ones that I can recite from memory and make me the most happy, even on the coldest and most miserable winter days.

Blue Crush tops this list, especially in January. I have wonderful memories of my college roommates and I watching this movie while doing sit-ups in our dorm room because it was too frigid outside to walk to the gym. Kate Bosworth’s rocking body served as great motivation, and the beach scenes gave us warm thoughts of the spring break that was coming in a few months. I still watch Blue Crush at least once a winter to pretend I’m on a sunny Hawaiian island, and the soundtrack has had a solid place on my running playlist ever since there was such thing as an iPod. I am well-aware that the acting, especially by those who are surfers by profession and not actors, is pretty terrible, and the premise is worn out and not original in the least, but Blue Crush holds a special place in my heart regardless.


Taking second on the list is another girly movie. It’s no secret that I love Cinderella in all it’s forms, and Ever After is one of those, although with a twist. The movie itself isn’t that embarrassing. It won a few minor awards, got decent reviews, contains a well-known cast. What’s embarrassing is how often I’ve watched it, and how well I can recite it. In fact, it’s one of the few movies that I own both on VHS and DVD, which shows my dedication to this film.

Speaking of dedication to films I own on multiple formats, Center Stage also falls into this category. Again, another movie with terrible acting by side characters who are in the film because they are dancers, not actors. This seems to be a pattern of mine. That said, while their line delivery isn’t up to par, their dancing is phenomenal. There have been times I haven’t had time to watch the whole film, so I’ll just fast-forward to my favorite dance scenes and enjoy.


To finish up this list, I chose not one movie, but a whole genre: the really bad plot/acting action movies where a lot of shit blows up i.e. The Expendables, any Die Hard movie, Fast and the Furious. When it comes to comfort movies, nothing warms the heart more than massive explosions and gunshot sounds.

So fess up…what bad movie do you have a love affair with?

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1,844 thoughts on “Bad Film Confessions”

  1. lord of war keeps making it to the rotation definitely not a bad movie but one most people overlook. also weird fun sunday morning movie after a hangover is this lame hallmark movie wedding daze. 3 daughters get married at the same time it is sappy and wakes me up from the nightmare of post booze.

    but the best one is war games i know it is kinda cheating because it is really well reviewed but i have seen it too many times and it is so dated and i have seen the sequel (pretty solid) and yeah awesome movie. i am probably forgetting a lot of better bad movies i like to watch but yeah those are the top.
    also remember the titans

    1. I love War Games, but haven’t seen it in forever. Perhaps I should stick it into my rotation!

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