Welcome to Springfield 26×10: The Man Who Came To Be Dinner

The Simpsons go to a Disneyland-esque park and go on a ride, only to discover they’re on a spaceship headed to Rigel 7. On the planet, they’re given a tour and then put in captivity. They’re later told they have to pick one of their own to be sacrificed to the Queen of Rigel 7.




Homer is chosen as the sacrifice, but is saved by a group who gives him a way to get home. Trying to save his family, he gets caught and is almost eaten. However, after learning that Homer and his clan are poisonous, the inhabitants of the planet decide to send the family home, while wiping their memory in the process.

I usually start these articles off with the bad, but for once I’ll start with something I liked: the end credits. I like the Star Trek homage and that they remembered Akira (the sushi chef) was voiced by George Takei.


You know how Meta humour is becoming more prominent? This episode is like what happens when someone tries using it to fill in plot holes. First of all having, Kang/Kodos look into the camera and say something to cancel the events of the episode isn’t clever, it’s like giving the audience the middle finger for tuning in. Second, meta humour works best as a wink or nod to the audiences existence (take The Fresh Prince for example).

With the theme park part of the show, I was rolling my eyes a lot at the jokes. Sure satire can be funny, but just spoofing things till you get into space isn’t clever. don’t they remember anything from “Itchy and Scratchy Land”? You can visit a place without satirizing it the whole time.

Speaking of space, remember that chip gag from “Deep Space Homer”? Yeah, its not funny when you do it twice.


On Rigel 7 we get the “nothings what it seems” jokes, and we actually do come close to an emotional moment with Homer during the selection sacrifice. The only problem is that it ends with them trying to make a joke, but they have to realize that not everything needs to end in a joke right?

On his twitter, Al Jean mentioned that this was one of the ideas for the sequel to The Simpson Movie that wasn’t used, I have to thank him for that, cause if I had paid to see this I would have more than a few harsh words. The idea should have been chucked from the moment it was rejected.

Score: 0/5

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