The ScreamCast: Preserving The Naughty Bits, A Conversation With Vinegar Syndrome

This week Brad and Sean had a chance to sit down with the guys over at Vinegar Syndrome to talk Exploitation Cinema and Film Preservation. We also offer up a “Vinegar Syndrome Virgin Survival Guide” for those of you who have yet to jump into their catalog.

Vinegar syndrome is a term used to describe the chemical reaction that goes on during the deterioration of cellulose acetate film. When films begins to decompose, ‘deacetylation’ occurs and the acetate ion reacts with moisture to form acetic acid, producing a vinegar odour when the can is opened. The reaction is continuous, and once started, it cannot be stopped or reversed. In fact, the reaction is autocatalytic, which means it feeds on itself and speeds up over time.

Please support their vision for! Head over to their Indiegogo campaign and choose your perk!


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