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Somebody Likes It Ep 24 – Demetri Martin: “Standup Comedian”

Kevin is back after his paternity leave and as he was picking the album for this week’s episode, he decided to throw us a softball. Oh wait, actually he decided to alter the format of the show: this week he picked our first comedy album.

This week’s show features Demetri Martin’s 2012 record “Standup Comedian”. I’m not gonna say it wasn’t fun figuring out how to talk about a comedy record, or that we won’t do another record in the future, but it sure was an interesting choice. I just want to thank Mark Couvillion again for letting us record in his garage the last couple of months, and doing quite an able job filling in for Kevin. Mark will be around in the future so this isn’t a goodbye or anything.

Ok. OH! Also, for this week’s A Few Minutes With, in keeping with the comedy theme, I decided we should listen to “My Name is Hannibal” which is a bit by Hannibal Buress.


OK! That’s it for now. Next time we will be taking on “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music”. We haven’t done enough country, so why not listen to a dude that sings about LSD and covers the When In Rome hit “The Promise” (which we’ve talked about on this show, bringing it all full circle).
Next week then?


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