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Public Axis #102: The Teen Pain Sports Soundtrack with Joey McCormick & Jay Whitecotton

Extreme Pain! Sports Flicks! Teen Tunes! A ball of a time with Public Axis and guests Joey McCormick and Jay Whitecotton!

Recorded at the Public Axis F-Stop on January 8th, 2015.

00:00 Welcome to the F-Stop!  This week, we welcome comedians Joey McCormick and (frequent flier) Jay Whitecotton hot off a night of stand-up. Regan returns from a blitzkrieg vacation with a mess load of foreign snacks, oddly named in our American eyes. Inappropriate nonsense ensues.

24:59 Yeah, Imma Look Into Dat!  Topic #1: What is the most painful think you’ve ever had to endure? Inspired by the Japanese film about a secret S&M club, R100.

55:55  Dad’s Corner(ed)!  Topic #2: What is your favorite and least favorite sports movie?

1:26:05 Hey, That’s Not Funny!  Topic #3: What is the quintessential song that reminds you of being a teenager? Inspired by this study on why music we hear sticks.

1:53:29 What Did We Come to Know? Public Axis is an educational program and at the end, we always ask our guests and listeners, “What did you come to know?” Enlighten yourself.

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