Five & Out 084: Worst of 2014


Extra long podcast & special guest alert!

Colin joins Wes and Steve as they discuss greyhounds, sub-zero temperatures, and our Top 5 Worst of 2014!


What are your Top 5 Worst of 2014? Let us know! E-mail us at!



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3 thoughts on “Five & Out 084: Worst of 2014”

  1. 5.People’s Hatred of The Amazing Spider-man 2-People are acting like TASM2 is the worst superhero movie out there but really its just mediocre at best. Personally, I love it. They’re worst superhero movies out there than TASM2
    4-All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor-Its a bad song but the fucking hook is stuck in my head. Get it out
    3-Getting Robbed Gunpoint-Not only did I get a gun pointed on me and got my stuff robbed but I had to spend a weekend, opening a new bank account, getting a new phone, replacing my Social Security Card, and my state I.D
    2-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- I don’t hate it because it did changes to the property but Its a bad movie
    1-Tusk-Fuck Kevin Smith, He took a cool idea and ruined it. The movie doesn’t know what tone to be and its just executed badly

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