Five and Out 086: Characters We Want To Be Our Best Man


This week, Wes and Steve discuss White Castle, the McRib, and our Top 5 Characters We Want To Be Our Best Man!


What are your Top 5 Characters to be your best man? Let us know! E-mail us at

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11 thoughts on “Five and Out 086: Characters We Want To Be Our Best Man”

  1. 5. Thor – I can just imagine the speech would be epic and we would make everything sound grand.

    4. Genie – You wouldn’t have to pay for anything with him and the party would be a blast but the speech would also be very heartfelt.

    3. Goofy – I want this one because even though I know that something would go wrong with Goofy planning the bachelor party, he would put his heart into the entire thing and try his best to give you the best time.

    2. Hook (Once Upon A Time) – I just think it would be a lot of fun to have a pirate as your best man and there would be no shortage of rum at this wedding with him around. Like Thor, with Hook delivering the speech, it would very regal.

    1. Flynn Rider (Tangled) – Out of all the Disney male characters, this one to me seems to know how to part the best and you would certainly have a lot of protection with him there. Though he may still the spotlight and try to be the life of the party and sure, his speech would probably be a little corny but I just think that it would be a blast.

  2. White Castle is at least regional, because I live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and there’s one here that actually was just recently rebuilt after it burned down. I’ve never been in it because NOPE. Those are literally the most disgusting “burgers” I have ever attempted to eat.

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