Digital Noise Episode 79: Chris Can’t Pronounce Anyone’s Name


In true tradition of, well, any podcast Chris is on, he garbles his way through a number of names of actors and directors in an attempt to review this giant pile of Blu-rays and DVDs Digital Noise brings to your attention this week.

Thank GAWD Richard is there to correct him and keep us on track, even if he does still defend the prequels from time to time. And yes, there’s some of that here (oh lord help us all) but there’s also a LOT of awesome as they dive into the Studio Ghibli documentary, one of the most overlooked films of 2014, the most f*&ked up film the Lifetime Network has yet to release, total Korean bloody insanity, the latest DC animated film, and much, much, MUCH more.

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Green Eyes DVD Review   The Green Prince Bluray Review   Art and Craft DVD Review

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Love Is The Devil Bluray Review   Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows DVD Review   The Pirates Bluray Review

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Why Don't You Play in Hell Bluray Review   Jimi All Is By My Side Bluray Review   Fury Bluray Review

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Razors Edge Bluray Review   Open Windows Bluray Review   Justice League Throne of Atlantis Bluray Review

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Mas Negro Que La Noche DVD Review   The Bridge Season 2 DVD Review   Big Driver DVD Review

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Mythbusters 10th DVD

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26 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 79: Chris Can’t Pronounce Anyone’s Name”

  1. If you thought Justice League War was bad wait until you Justice League Throne of Atlantis. Its further proof that the new 52 was so bad that it ruined the DC animated department.

  2. Excellent – now I can comment without feeling like I’m signing up for a Nigerian investment scheme

  3. As far as I want to say of my home of El Paso: Yes its a big city, Richard, but then again so is Mos Eisley; When you live in a desert surrounded by mountains (i.e. living on Tatooine) & the nearest big city is a 4 hour drive to the North, 5 to the West, and 8 to the East, then its safe to say we’re in the middle of nowhere. Also, “Major City”? Making A LOT of assumptions there. We may share the border area with our sister city, but compared to San Antonio, we aren’t a major city .

  4. Regarding the Special Editions: I understand some of the complaints people have, but I do question what specific changes are “bad” because there were some made to the trilogy a couple years before the Special Editions came out. I refer to you the 1995 VHS widescreen reissue, the “THX Edition”: The Snowspeeder cockpit scenes (that Richard mentioned) in the original version had the issue where it wasn’t “printed at full opacity” which resulted in the Imperial Walkers being seen through the metal: The THX Edition tries to hide it, i.e. when Luke flies under one Imperial Walker & over another, they zoom in and pan on the front to keep the metal sides out of view. Thankfully, this is undone in the S.E. and they colorize and/or darken the cockpit. The see-thru is still there, but its much less noticeable.
    Also, I did hear the special that said that Lightsabers can happen, just not with light but with plasma. They do admit that such a machine would be ginormous right now, but add that as the technology gets better and smaller, THEN so could a lightsaber.

  5. Do you know if ‘clicking on the links’ works if the buyer is not in the US?

    “Green Eyes”? Sequel to “Big Trouble in Little China”?

    1. Green Eyes should work fine. It also appears on Amazon UK and elsewhere I think. it’s also on Barnes & Noble, FYE, Best Buy and Target websites. It’s also available in Canada.

      1. El Pollo Guerrera

        Thanks for the answer, but they were actually separate questions… the first was about the OneOfUs site gaining money from people buying on Amazon (and whether or not they get any cut of anything bought through in Camada, the second was a joke about “Green Eyes” being a sequel to “BTILC” because the women had green eyes in the movie. I supposed I should have found a link of Lo Pan saying “Green eyes!” to really sell that joke.

        1. Gotcha, thanks for clarifying, and my bad for being dumb to not get it. Love me some Lo Pan.

  6. Richard, you get extra points for dropping some X-Play/G4 knowledge in this podcast! I vividly remember that review for the Aquaman game and that game is truly is a sucky as everyone remembers!

  7. I’ve seen “Trone of Atlantis” and I think it was boring like @#$@%^^!!!!!!!! I like the scene when drunk Aquaman talks with lobster in a restaurant but that’s about it…

  8. Love Actually by Sion is great and long. I would love to see him do a superhero movie probably Captain Marvel or Black Panther. Maybe Doc Strange

  9. OMG! The timestaps match with the player! I’m not sure how long this has been going, but I’ve mentioned it a few times. Thanks you!

    Throne of Atlantis was kinda bad, but I think JL:War was worse.

  10. Jean-François Martel

    If lifetime got horror directors for their movies they could probably turn out pretty great lol.

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