Digital Noise Episode 77: Bad Boys & Gone Girls


Hurry hurry hurry! Step right up and download the latest episode of Digital Noise! We’ve got all the thrills and chills to keep your home entertainment collection filled! We’ve got terrific TV, we’ve got faulty features, we’ve even got dino documentaries! We’ve got kings, killers, and krazies of all shapes and sizes!

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Gone Girl Bluray Review   Two Faces of January Bluray Review   Boyhood Bluray Review

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Black Sails Season 1 Bluray Review   Banshee Season 2 Bluray Review   Girls Season 3 Bluray Review

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Scorpion King 4 Bluray Review   Boardwalk Empire Bluray Review   Archer Vice Bluray Review

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Honey DVD Review   Dinosaur 13 Bluray Review   88 Bluray Review

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Sword of Doom Bluray Review   Wetlands Bluray Review   Jessabelle Bluray Review

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Revenge of the Green Dragons Bluray Review   Walk Among the Tombstones Bluray Review

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747 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 77: Bad Boys & Gone Girls”

  1. Regarding the Best Documentary Oscar nominations, I’m very pleased to see Virunga in the running there. That documentary is amazing. It’s like Vice’s best stuff in that at many points in the documentary, you won’t believe what they managed to capture, and film. It’s probably a major milestone-type thing for Netflix, too, since it’s a Netflix movie. I definitely recommend watching Virunga.

    1. Thank you! I accept with humility and the oppressive weariness of having spent all night every night watching movies.

      1. I’m picturing you at the Academy, accepting a beer in your dressing robe, slippers, and Evil Dead t shirt. 😀 I think we now know how to fix the Oscars, no more suits, lots of beer.

  2. I think this season of Archer was better than season 4, which I thought was damn near horrible. Season 5 was decent and had a few gems. I think Archer might need to close up shop soon, stop stretching things out and go out with a bang.

  3. About the Oscars, Jake Gyllenhaal not getting a Best Actor nom for Nightcrawler is criminal. And to Chris, Spirited Away won Best Animated movie.

    I think the first Scorpion King is fun. Stupid, yes, but its a bad movie I can watch.

  4. Dinosaur 13 premiered here in Sioux Falls. I did not go see it but read up on it. My State got shafted from this deal.

  5. Yeah, the reason movies like Lego get snubbed is for the same reason Godzilla was never going to get a nomination for best special effects or even sound design – it’s a political game, and acknowledging something like that is “beneath” the Academy. Same reason why Frozen won last year – nobody actually WATCHED the other nominees, they just heard about the movie and the buzz around it, so they voted for it.

  6. After your review and seeing that Scorpion King 4 is already on Netflix I decided to watch it and fully agree on the whole Hercules/Xena vibe. I have to ask though if you realized that the beginning of the movie is the beginning to Raiders of the Lost Ark and the end was the end of The Last Crusade?

  7. Jean-François Martel

    I don’t think Victor Webster was in Almost Human. He was in “Mutant X” back in the days (remember that?), He was in 3 episodes of “Harper’s Island”, he was in the final season of Charmed.

  8. I have to defend my country a little bit. Even in Germany Wetlands is very, VERY controversial. The book and the movie.

  9. Glad you mentioned Hitch Chris, I was getting De Palma vibes, can’t wait to watch Gone Girl with my wife she has no clue! LMAO! Scorpion King 4! how the fuck did that happen?

  10. Having recently binge watched season two of Banshee, I have to say that it was a disappointment compared to season one, but it did deliver in the action department. The best way for me to describe this season is that it’s like that slow section in the middle of a really long book before things kicks back into high gear, which is what I really hope is going on with season 3.

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